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Exposing the Slot Myths of Slot Machines

The world of slot machines is full of slot myths that have been around for many years and other slot myths are just made up recently. The main reason that slot myths are present for many years now is the lack of education of slot players about how slot machine really works.

The following are the major slot myths:

1. The symbols for payoff are missing. It means that it is time for the slot machine to hit the jackpot.

This slot myth is false. Every slot machine has a chip inside called the Random Number Generator. It is the job of the chip to generate random spins in a constant manner. The chip is completely independent from the other parts of the slot machine. The precise microsecond that you hit the spin button will determine the result of the spin.

2. A certain slot machine is about to heat up, which means that it is due.

Certainly, this slot myth is false. Every spin of the slot machine is randomly generated without any relationship with the previous spins made. It is common for slot machines to have "cold streak" for hours because everything is in ransom.

3. Using coins in slot machines is better, especially the cold coins, than using credits.

Another false slot myth. Using coins in slot machines uses more physical energy and the game is slower. For slot players who like playing in a slower pace, then putting coins in slot machines manually is their preference. But there is no difference at all; either you are playing with coins or credits. And slot machines have no coin temperature sensors so using cold or hot coins don't make any difference and will not change the result of your every spin.

4. Pulling the slot machine handle is luckier than hitting the button for max credit.

This is a completely false slot myth. Whether you hit the button or pull the handle of the slot machine, the same system is being activated by the action. There is no definite difference except that by pulling the handle, you use more energy than by just hitting the button.

Now that we have discussed the major slot myths about slot machines, it is our hope that you have become educated regarding this matter. Knowledge about the truth behind how slot machine works is important to have that you may be able to play with a clear understanding of the principle behind the games of slot. Education is a key to winning big at any casino couple with luck.