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Meet the Sultan's Fortune Slots Game

Sultan's Fortune slots works on a three reel and an utmost bet of two coins slot machine. This is a Playtech designed and distributed slot machines. The slot machine has several coin denominations available for players to choose from.

These include: five cents, for ten cents, quarters, a half dollar denomination, a dollar, two dollars or the maximum five dollars. Sultan's Fortune slots offer a peak payout, if ever a player could muster together a combination. The payout is a huge 10,000 coins.

A combination of three icons which directly land on any payline, players will be rewarded two credits. In addition, Sultan's Fortune slots do have a natural icon. Any powerful wand and nice hat icons can be a substitute for all the game's icons.

Sultan of Fortune slot machine's winning clusters, increase the players earning by two, and this includes: the hat icon and the wand icon. Also, any winning groups that use two wild icons will multiply player winnings by four.

Sultan of Fortune slot machine's payout chart is listed below:

The machine payout two coins on behalf of every 3 icons The machine payout twenty five coins on behalf of three tokens The machine payout fifty coins on behalf of three shells of oyster The machine payout seventy five coins on behalf of three sharp swords The machine payout one hundred coins on behalf of three precious emerald gem The machine payout two hundred and fifty coins on behalf of three pure hearts The machine payout four thousand coins on behalf of combination of three wands or hats icons.

The machine payout 10,000 coins if the highest wager was picked The wild icons feature makes the Sultan's Fortune a very entertaining and exciting slot game. For the reason that players will receive a double payout if ever you make a wild icon spin. That is why it is too interesting for players to achieve. However, Sultan's Fortune is a very noisy slot machine where players got to turn down the volume to a minimum.

For every spin made, players will need to content themselves with a music that lets a pretty woman singing the tune repeatedly. Players will be surprised once a belly dancer comes out of the screen.

Sultan's Fortune autoplay feature is quiet well-organized in this slot game because of the game's straightforwardness Neophyte players would take pleasure in this slot machine owing to its simplicity; as well as the uncomplicated payout timetable and fundamental ante buttons.