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Stand Alone Progressive Slot Machines

It seems every player has dreamed of hitting that jackpot on the progressive slot machines. Going back to reality, hitting that jackpot is really the stuff of dreams. Though it requires a huge stroke of luck to make that jackpot, there are still enough reasons to play on progressive slot machines.

We need to mention that there are different types of progressive slot machines in a casino. One of these slot machines that you should keep an eye on is the stand alone progressive slot machine. It does provide the same fun and excitement as other slot machines and it also packs the almost the same money making opportunities as other types of progressive slot machines.

Other than the stand alone progressive slot machines we also have wide area progressive and in-house progressive types. These other two types progressive slots are linked to a network of machines. Every time someone plays on any of them a certain percentage of the money played goes to the progressive jackpot. Multiply that percentage that goes to that jackpot by the number of machines linked together in the network and you get an enormous amount to keep an eye on.

No doubt, these huge jackpots attract a lot of players. Who wouldn't want to take a chance on getting the jackpot? Unfortunately, it is really astoundingly hard to get that jackpot. You should be extremely lucky the day you hit that jackpot on any of the other casino progressive machines. That is exactly where the casino stand alone progressive slot machine comes in.

Unlike the wide-area and in-house progressive slot machines, a casino stand alone progressive slot machine doesn't belong to a community of slot machines. Now, you might wonder why we call it a progressive slot machine though it doesn't tap into a network to accumulate a jackpot.

A stand alone progressive slot machine also has this type of jackpot. The difference is that a stand alone type takes a percentage of money played only on that particular machine to build up that huge amount. It really isn't that much, if you compare it to linked machines, but it's still a huge sum of money, nevertheless.

You can expect that the jackpot would be smaller on a stand alone progressive slot machine than the progressive jackpots from the networked machines. But a stand alone progressive slot machine has a very appealing redeeming quality.

Where the jackpot in wide-area and in-house network progressive machines is hard to hit it is quite easier to hit in a stand alone progressive slot machine. Other than that, there are other rewards you can win (e.g. like a combo of certain symbols) that are quite generous.

Stand alone progressive slot machines provide a great alternative if you've waited to win something from a slot machine. The rewards may not be that big, but the odds of winning are a bit high that stand alone progressive slot machines also attract a following.